The Best Plants for Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are great at insulating plants against sudden temperature fluctuations and are porous so water can evaporate quickly. Here is a list of the best plants we recommend for concrete planters:

Succulents plants for concrete


The Echeveria succulent prefers when the soil is allowed to completely dry out and it does not like being overwatered. Echeveria grows very well in containers.

Cactus plants for Concrete


Cactus thrive in dry conditions. Ensuring the soil is dry between waterings is crucial to growing cactus successfully. This will stop the roots from becoming waterlogged or rotting. Using a concrete planter with a drainage hole is ideal for growing cactus. 

Aloe Vera Plants for Concrete

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a low-maintenance succulent that looks good in any space and can fit in small concrete pots easily. It doesn’t need to much water because it can store water in its leaves.

Jade Plants for Concrete

Jade Plant

Jade plants can live for years in the same pot. They are relatively easy to maintain, preferring well-lit areas and the soil should be allowed to dry out in between each time you water.